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Do You Live In New Iberia, LA, and Require Legal Aid?

If you're a resident of our thriving city, you'll be pleased to discover there is a reputable local law firm on your doorstep that's committed to providing expert legal support and care on a wide range of common criminal and civil matters. From personal injury claims to work disputes, we have the expertise you need to put together a strong case that stands every chance of success.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Most employers in New Iberia are fair, conscientious individuals who do all that they can to make the workplace a safe and healthy environment. Unfortunately, in a few cases employees aren't always treated correctly, which can significantly impact their physical and mental health. Our attorney assistance can be of value in a wide range of work related matters, so call us promptly to see how we might be able to help.

Automobile Accident Attorney (Motor Vehicle, Car Truck) Near New Iberia

Vehicle accidents are fairly common; and far too many people will experience this traumatic event in their lives. Luckily, we are on hand to offer sensible legal advice as soon as you need us. Prompt legal help enables you to put together a much stronger case, as witnesses still have the memories fresh in their mind. Whether you were at fault or were a victim of the situation, we can assist you in fighting for the outcome you want.

Personal Injury Attorney Available Now

If you've been injured and it wasn't your fault, it's time to make sure that those who were negligent pay what's due to you. We have significant experience in dealing with a variety of personal injury matters, including injuries sustained at work or on public transport. For sympathetic, helpful assistance with legal issues, call us at (337) 234-5505.