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Supportive, Effective Legal Assistance in Lafayette, LA

Our well-established practice has been offering sound legal counsel to local people and businesses in the area of Lafayette and New Iberia, LA for several years. During this time we have established an excellent  reputation, due to our integrity, professionalism and total commitment to client care at every stage of their Injury Claim with us. If you or a love one need prompt, friendly and professional legal representation, please contact our office.

Automobile Accident Attorney (Motor Vehicle, Car, Truck)

If you've been involved in a motor accident, you need a well-versed auto accident attorney with personal injury experience to provide the legal expertise you need. We have over 20 years of experience in dealing with complex auto, 18-wheeler & commercial vehicle accidents, including those that involve wrongful death. Our holistic legal service provides residents of Lafayette, New Iberia, LA, and nearby areas with expert & compassionate support for the duration of the legal proceedings for your injury claim.

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Workers' Compensation & Disability Claims

If you been injured on the job, you may be entitled to weekly benefits and your choice of physician. You need an experienced workers' compensation attorney to guide you through this process. We have personal experience with workers' compensation matters resulting in back surgery. Thus, we fully understand the difficulties you and your family may be experiencing due to job related injury and can provide compassionate legal assistance.

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Don't delay in seeking advice from our experienced team in order to get the best outcome for any pressing legal matter. Our office in Lafayette, LA, is conveniently located for a timely visit to get further information on your options. For your free initial legal consultation, please contact us at (337) 234-5505.


Trust an attorney dedicated to helping people get the compensation they deserve and protection they need. Don’t talk to an insurance company without first talking to an experienced attorney. Don’t let the insurance company determine the outcome of your case! Don’t let the insurance company determine the compensation you deserve! Please contact our office for your free initial consultation (337) 234-5505